National Transport

For our domestic shipments, we work almost exclusively with Belgian drivers. This way your customer can be delivered and addressed in his own language. This is still an added value and is certainly appreciated by many unloading locations.

  • Your customer is addressed in Dutch
  • Delivery is often made by the same driver
  • Personal contact with your customer

It is not just a transport from A to B, but a transport of your goods to your customer. Our drivers respond to this so that they are an ambassador for our customer.

International Transport

Outside Belgium we do transport to and from every country within Europe. Years of experience ensure that no country has any secrets for us. France, Spain, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, ... are just a few of the countries where we have trucks every day.

  • Drivers with knowledge of local legislation
  • Extensive knowledge of the European market
  • Follow up transport at all times
  • Own material
  • Track & trace


We have developed our web tool completely ourselves and is still being further developed to respond to the needs of our customers.

Thanks to our tool, you can access our platform where we manage your freight. This means you always have up-to-date information about the status of your cargo. You can filter on loading and/or unloading locations, on your invoicing reference, loading reference, .... This way you can always easily find the freight you are looking for.

As soon as the driver brings in the CMRs, they are scanned and appear on the platform. So you don't have to waste time classifying the CMRs, we do this for you and you can always consult them digitally.

We can present all the possibilities of the system to you via a demo.